Plan 2016

Think Green Act Green

  • Revise & lower SSR Challenge from 500 to 200 Tons in 5 Years. Promote vigorously to make certain forecasted SSR tonnage levels are achieved. Disseminate reasons why shortfall occurred in Fiscal 2014 & 2015. Expand list of recyclables for Washington based on WEC research as to items recycled at other CT recycling centers but not at BRROC’s SSR facility in Berlin (Washington’s Recycling Group).
  • Continue program to educate town residents on energy and water conservation in the home. Two mailings making suggestions on specific actions to take for summer and winter conservation of energy and water.
  • Work with Eversource to promote home energy audits.
  • Work with CT DEEP to promote use of clean energy options for home electricity.
  • Find new source(s) of permanent funding for WEC’s College Environmental Studies Scholarship Program.
  • Establish ties with Steep Rock Association to joint venture on Pooh Stick Boat Race in late spring 2016.
  • Expand the Council’s involvement with local schools to:
         -Primary school initiatives of Environmental Club – Composting Program etc.
         -Extend Environmental Club initiatives into middle and high school classes
         -Healthy Food, Edible Schoolyard, Fitness and Recycling Programs
         -Adopt a River Program for periodic clean-up of riverbank trash and identification of riparian invasives on      the Shepaug and Lower Bantam Rivers
         -Support Trout in the Classroom Program at Primary School and Gunnery
  • Maintain our Harwood Memorial Lecture Series on environmental topics at two per year (Obtain funding @ $5,000 for Dr. Oreskes lecture on climate change). Consider lecture tie in to members annual meeting in the fall.
  • Undertake program for replacement of plastic and paper bags at checkout counters with reusable WEC tote bags and two drawings per year prize money for users of totes.
  • Publish our environmental newsletter at least twice per year. Consider publishing articles by other than WEC directors. Continue to do layout in house.
  • Continue to expanded Earth Day event that includes a controlled and specific town-wide clean – up of roads. Other Earth Day activities – consider event to introduce Checkout Counter Tote Bag Replacement Program for plastic and paper bags.
  • Climate Change Day Program - lecture & other related activities to be discussed.

Promote and implement:

  • Household Hazardous Waste Program and increase participation.
  • Greater use of grant monies to fund appropriate WEC programs and projects.