Plan 2017

Think Green Act Green

    Organize, promote and hold an Environmental Future Now Expo on Saturday, June 24, 2017.
    Promote SSR vigorously to make certain forecasted SSR Challenge of 200 Tons increase in 5 years is achieved.
    Use the Expo as a venue to educate town residents on energy and water conservation in the home.
    Invite Eversource to advertise home energy audits at Expo.
    Establish a partnership with Steep Rock Association regarding Environmental Future Now Expo 2017.
    Invite CT DEEP to provide information on clean energy options for home electricity.
    Continue Moon Dance bi-annual fundraiser.
    Expand options for creating additional funding for WEC’s College Environmental Studies Scholarship Program.
    Promote the annual “Give Local” event.
    Expand the Council’s involvement with local schools to promote environmental club opportunities at the primary, middle and high schools, including student volunteers for Environmental Expo.
    Support Trout in the Classroom Program at Washington Primary School and at Gunnery.
    Maintain Harwood Memorial Lecture Series at two per year with one 2017 lecture coinciding with Environmental Expo.
    Continue to sell WEC’s reusable Good Bags at various markets/stores checkout counters throughout town.
    Publish our environmental newsletter at least twice per year. Expand email and social media efforts.
    Earth Day event of annual town-wide roadside clean-up will also include the addition of a 5K race where the first 40 people to register will receive a WEC cap.
    Expand volunteer base and directorship within Washington and surrounding towns
    Revise and define the Advisory Committee.
    Promote and implement:
    Household Hazardous Waste Program and increase participation.
    Investigate grant opportunities to fund the cost of Future Now documentaries as well as the cost to purchase and maintain recyclable bins throughout town.