Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria)

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Herbaceous perennial. Most likely introduced as an ornamental ground cover; first reported in the 1860’s from Rhode Island.

  • Inflorescence similar to that of Queen Anne’s lace and composed of tiny white flowers.
  • Leaves have long stems but variable in shape; lower leaves can have 9 leaflets.
  • Leaves can be green or variegated (white edges).
  • Some native plants have similar leaves and flowers. Know the difference!
The Problem:
Escapes from planted landscapes into natural areas, rapidly developing into dense colonies. Displaces native spring ephemerals in floodplain areas. Difficult to eradicate due to prolific root system; digging can exacerbate infestations as it can trigger root fragments to sprout. Fragments easily transported by water.