Single Stream Recycling (SSR)

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On May 4, 2013, the Town of Washington became a Single Stream Recycling (SSR) community. Residents no longer have to sort recyclable materials such as glass bottles, plastic, paper, newspapers, cardboard and aluminum into separate bins, bags or bundles. All recyclables can now be mixed together in one bin.

The Town of Washington launched this important new program at WEC’s 2013 Earth Day Farmers’ Festival. Selectman Mark Lyon was present to unveil the new 48 and 96 gallon wheeled bins. These bins are now available at the Selectman’s Office and are provided free of charge to Washington residents. Residents are asked to trade in their 22 gallon bins if they switch to one of the larger containers. Besides free curbside pickup of recyclables, residents may also arrange for “in yard” pickup of recyclables with Oliver’s for an additional monthly fee.

Next to education and highway expenses, waste disposal is the largest piece of the Town’s budget. This includes the cost of running the transfer station, curbside pick-up of recyclables, hauling garbage and recyclables to disposal sites and tipping fees which cover the cost of disposal. Tipping fees are $16.39 per ton for garbage. There are no tipping fees for recyclables. In addition, we receive a rebate of $9.05 per ton on all single stream recycling. As we reduce the amount of garbage (solid waste), and increase the amount of single stream recycling, the town's overall cost for waste disposal goes down. The economic benefits of single stream recycling are thus quite important.

WEC worked closely with the Selectman’s Office to resolve issues related to the introduction of SSR. The Council was also instrumental in making the requisite changes to the data available on the town’s recycling website to facilitate the transition to SSR and the design, writing and editing of the Single Stream Recycling regulations flyer sent to all town residents. Please see our link for "SSR Guidelines" to the upper left.

For more information, including a comprehensive list of what is and is not recyclable and the details on “in yard” pickup of recyclables, please visit the Town of Washington's SSR Page.