Earth Day 2019 Roadside Cleanup Commitment Form

Please let us know which road(s) or sections of road(s) you will commit to cleaning up during Earth Week, which will run from April 24 - 29, 2019. Trash bags will be available at Washington Town Hall, and a dumpster in front of town hall can be used to deposit trash. Thank you for your commitment to keeping Washington BEAUTIFUL!

Name *
Please let us know which roads (or sections of roads) you will be adopting so we can mark them as "reserved." Please also let us know if you'd prefer us to thank you individually or your business as a whole.

Press the + and - buttons to get a better look! Or, click and drag the map to move over to a new area of town.


Anna Jay Lane
Ash Swamp Road
Baldwin Hill Road
Barnes Road
Bee Brook Road
Bell Hill Road
Birch Hill Run
Blackville Road
Brinsmade Road
Bryan Hall Plaza
Buffum Road
Calhoun Street
Calhoun Hill Road
Carmel Hill Road
Chestnut Lane
Christian Street 
Church Street
Church Hill Road
Clark Road
Cook Street
Couch Road
Curtis Road
Dark Entry Road
Dodge Farm Road
East Street
East Shore Road
Fenn Hill Road
Ferry Bridge Road
Findlay Road
Flirtation Avenue
Foulois Road
Frisbie Road
Garland Road
Golf Course Road
Golf Links Road
Green Hill Road
Gunn Hill Road
Hifield Drive
Hinckley Road
Horse Heaven Road
Ives Road
Judea Cemetery Road
June Road
Juniper Meadow Road
Kielwasser Road
Kinney Hill Road
Kirby Road
Kirby Brook Road
Litchfield Turnpike 
Litchfield Turnpike Extension
Loomarwick Road
Lower Church Hill Road
Main Street (New Preston)
Mallory Brook Road
Mountain Road
Mount Tom Road
Mount Tom State Park Road
Myfield Lane
Mygatt Road
National Iron Bank Plaza
Nettleton Hollow Road
New Milford Turnpike
New Preston Hill Road
Nichols Hill Road
North Sawyer Hill Road

Old Litchfield Road/Route 109
Old North Road
Orchard Lane
Painter Ridge Road
Parsonage Lane
Perkins Road
Pleasant Drive
Plumb Hill Road
Popple Swamp Road
Potash Hill Road
Quarry Ridge Road
Rabbit Hill Road
Revere Road
Romford Road (109 to Hinkle is adopted)
Rossiter Road
Route 47
Route 109
Route 199
Route 341
Roxbury Road
Sabbaday Lane #1
Sabbaday Lane #2
Sandstrom Road
School Street
Schwab Road
Senff Road
Shearer Road
Shinar Mountain Road
Slaughterhouse Road
South Street
South Fenn Hill Road
Split Rock Road
Spring Hill Road
Steeples Road
Steeples Road South
Sunny Ridge Road
Sunrise Lane
Sunset Lane
Tinker Hill Road
Titus Park
Titus Road
Tompkins Hill Road
Top Pasture Road
Tunnel Road
Turner Road
Two Rod Highway
Upper Church Hill Road
Valley Road
Walker Brook Road North
Walker Brook Road South
Warren Road
West Church Hill Road
West Morris Road
West Mountain Road
West Shore Road
Wheaton Road
Whittlesey Road
Wilbur Road
Winston Road
Wood Creek Road
Worcester Road
Wykeham Road


Adopted Roads:

Hinkle Road
Moody Bridge Road West
River Road
Scofield Hill Road