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BYO Washington

BYO is an initiative to eliminate single-use disposable plastic checkout bags in the town of Washington.


Eliminating single-use plastic bags:

  • Saves taxpayers money

  • Conserves our oil supply, a non-renewable resource

  • Reduces pollution, keeping our air, water and soil safe and clean.

  • Helps save the lives of birds and marine life

Wait, so… now I can’t put my produce in bags??

You may be confused about what bags are actually banned. Let’s clear that up!


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Garbage Bags

Produce Bags

produce bags.jpg

Pharmacy Bags

Pet waste bags

poop bag2.jpg
pharmacy bag.jpg

In fact:

The following bags would be exempt from the ordinance: newspaper bags, door-hanger bags, laundry dry cleaning bags, bags sold in packages containing multiple bags intended for use as garbage, pet waste bags, yard waste bags, bags that are used by consumers inside stores to package bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, grains, baked goods, candy; contain or wrap foods, meat, or fish. Additionally, single use plastic bags may be used to contain or wrap flowers, potted plants or other items where dampness may be a problem; contain unwrapped prepared foods, pharmacy prescriptions; or safeguard public health during the transportation of hospital waste.

Full BYO Washington Ordinance is coming soon!

25 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

1. Refuse single use plastic bags in all stores-not just in the supermarket
2. Buy, carry, and use reusable water bottles
3. Bring your own coffee cup
4. Bring your own take out containers
5. Bring your own containers for meat and fish
6. Bring your own produce bags
7. Refuse or use your own straw
8. Bring your own utensils
9. Refuse balloons
10. Refuse Goodie Bags
11. Make your own
12. Grow your own or join a CSA or farmers market
13. Compost
14. Reuse old bags from pet food, chips, bread, etc.
15. Donate and shop at second hand stores
16. Give experiences instead of gifts
17. Buy in bulk-New Morning, Whole foods, etc.
18. Use glass for storage-mason jars are great!
19. Use items made out of wood or glass
20. Recycle gently used sneakers, sandals and dress shoes at Woodbridge Running In Brookfield, CT
21.  Kick the Keurig Habit
22. Reusable razors, toothbrushes, etc.
23. Donate glasses to the Lions Club
24. Buy bar soap, not liquid.
25. Recycle Responsibly, not hopefully!