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WEC's Mission is to be an advocate and provide leadership in maintaining, protecting and enhancing the environmental quality of the Town of Washington and the surrounding region.
To Accomplish its Mission, The Council:

  • Works closely with town officials, agencies and commissions on specific environmental issues;
  • Works closely with other not-for-profit organizations in Washington and neighboring towns on environmental issues that are of mutual interest;
  • Monitors all important environmental issues affecting the Town of Washington;
  • Acts as a visible watchdog in local environmental matters to discourage environmental degradation before it occurs;
  • Maintains a website and publishes a newsletter and other educational material covering environmental issues and topics of interest to the residents of Washington;
  • Through its Michael Harwood Memorial Lecture Series, affords Washington residents the opportunity to hear leading speakers discuss current environmental topics and issues;
  • Works closely with the town’s public and private schools on student exposure to environmental topics and offers scholarships to qualified students for environmental studies at the college and graduate school levels;
  • Develops and supports a variety of other programs that help to maintain, protect and enhance the environment.