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Thanks to a generous grant from the Khurshed Bhumgara Fund at the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation, WEC has the opportunity to purchase and place a dozen TerraCycle Zero Waste boxes in Washington.

These boxes allow residents to recycle "hard to recycle items" that are not permitted in the Single Stream Recycling program. Terracycle is able to separate and repurpose these items into new products. This prevents these items from ending up in landfills and harming the environment in various ways.

Please see below to find out which boxes are available, and where you can find them.


Art Supplies

Location: After School Arts Program
6 Bee Brook Road, Washington

Is it something you can buy at an art supply store? Then you can recycle it here!

Oral Care Products

Location: First Congregational Church of Washington

Drop off used toothbrushes, empty toothpaste containers (including caps), and floss containers.



Location: Steep Rock Association Office,
2 Green Hill Road, Washington

Accepts: backpacks, messenger bags, & drawstring bags.

Beauty products & Packaging

Location: J. Seitz & Co,
9 East Shore Road, New Preston

Accepts: Shampoo/conditioner bottles (including caps), hair product tubes, concealer/mascara/lip balm/gloss tubes, eyeshadow tubes, lotion bottles/tubes/dispensers/jars,
shaving foam tubes (no cans, please), eyeliner pencils/cases

Coming Soon:

Writing Instruments

Location: Washington Montessori School

Coming Soon:

Art supplies

Location: Washington Montessori School


Garden Products - Box is FULL! Thank you!

Alkaline Batteries - Box is FULL! Thank you!


Shoes & Footwear - Box is FULL! Thank you!

Have a suggestion for a box you'd like to see?

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